[fade]Pop ups

We love collaborating with companies to create a feature pop-up in our space. We've had so much fun with great brands such as Poppy BarleyWheat Kids ClothingJackson RoweZanerobeRainsKarma AthleticsSalt Spring Coffee + more!


Celebrating something special? Launching something new?
Let's work together to host the perfect event.


We love hosting workshops in our space. Whether it's calligraphy, macramé, or yoga, we are all about cultivating creativity and connection.


Our space has been transformed into a Brooklyn boutique, massage parlour, psychic reader's den, and pawn shop for TV commercials and film. Little Mountain Shop is an ideal place to use as a location for your photoshoot or film set. With a large backroom to house a video village and a parking lot perfect for craft services, we welcome Hollywood North.[/fade]


[fade]The Space

Our mission is to provide a space for entrepreneurs and brands to bring their vision to life and connect with the Vancouver community, in real life.

Our space is designed to make popping-up an easy, smooth, and fun experience for everyone.

Our shop features high ceilings, lots of natural light and lighting options, large windows with display areas, as well as shelving, display units, and fitting rooms—all in a contemporary space with a minimalist design of white, wood, and concrete. There is parking behind the store and a large backroom with a loading bay.[/fade]